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Contents: I could write my own synopsis for Crewellike I normally would at this point in the review, but, 1 I'm afraid of giving away too much, and would like anyone interested in reading Crewel to go into it descagar as little as possible; and 2 I honestly have no freaking clue how I could possibly write a synopsis for this book. Oh no. And what did I find? I highly recommend this book, especially if you like well-written dystopias filled with tejedoraw and romance. Cannot recommend this book highly enough. There is a hint - just maybe a small scratch - of a love triangle, but the scratch is really only just a scratch. This world, and its rulers, are supposed to be so terrifying that Adelice's parents attempt a suicidal escape mission right at the start of the novel. View all 47 comments. Almost every single male character we meet is important. This is bad. She is terrified because she does not want to be separated from her family. But, my point is, the gennifer albin las tejedoras de destinos descargar were so vivid! Did something good happen? I'll leave you with the element of mystery, as if this book wouldn't destjnos that to you on its own. Crazy destinod Young A

  • This world is a complete joke. As great as she is, Adelice would be nothing without all the other characters she interacts with.
  • This is totally one of those books you will never will be able to descargarr down! Readers can and should make a deal about the slut-shaming and complete lack of positive female characters. Turned out to be yet another typical dystopian book where the main protagonist has to go to some place in this dystopian world that's corrupted and she has a big secret she must hide from everyone.
  • I quit after a hundred pages so yeah, I have no right to complain Also, as you learn about the Spinsters and how they are gennkfer, you get mad. View all 47 comments.
  • Rating details. There's also the obvious love triangle between two boys who compete for her affections and a revelation toward the end about both of descarrgar that seems so insufferably silly that I wonder what the big deal about it was.
  • This review has been a hard one for me to sit down and write. Her story is tragic and it gennufer opens up discussion for issues we face here in our own world.

  • There was, of course, background about the world and how the weaving worked, but there were also details about how the world was run. And that is if you fail the exams to become a Spinner After a futile attempt at escape, Adelice is transported to the Western Coventry, unsure of the fate of her mother and sister.
    • This review is also available over at my blog. Just like the world of Arras is well developed, so are the characters. View 1 comment.
    • November is the time for aspiring writers to get serious about writing that book! We never find out and while Adelice receives plenty of answers later, for the most part, her actions lack logical reasoning. Las tejedoras de destinos Las tejedoras de destinos 1.
    • After a futile attempt at escape, Adelice is transported to the Western Coventry, unsure of the fate of her mother and sister. Videos About This Book.
    • It feels phony and almost lazy. More Details The plot twist came out of nowhere and backhanded me.
    • I absolutely needed to know what happened next. Because to me it meant nothing. I was able to follow the new world and grow right along side Adelice.
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  • ARC was provided by the publisher for review. But think again because its so intense, conflicting and confusing but it will weave all the confusion away by the end and will leave you shocked and in awe destinis the whole thing. Thank you Albin! Young Adult. At the point at which I stopped reading signs of rebellious tejedorae have started to manifest; and I suppose not far ahead there will be a big gender-related bang view spoiler [My guess is both purity and gender do not matter at all to do the weaving.
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    In fact I'm sure this story is inspired by the strings theory I never felt like I was completely engaged in it, and I kept asking questions that never seemed to be answered: Why was the Guild in control? Right now thats working against me because all I want to do is gush over Crewel. In Crewel, Adelice lives in a world completely controlled by a group known as The Guild.

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    But then Albin threw in that plot twist when I was least expecting it. The story is set in the futuristic world of Arras, where the Guild rules the world and control everyone's daily lives - from how much food you receive, to your job, to your family.

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    You would never be able to compare it to other books because its story is one of a kind and the book is therefore in a league of its own. All of these characters are so real in their own.

    Other Editions In short, the concept was interesting, the time-weaving thing was pretty creative, but the characters were unlikable fe besides the concept, this pretty much reads like your average YA dystomance. A dystopian world that has a lot of time-weav This review is also available over at my blog.

    We are introduced to whole batches of women, who are immediately dismissed by the character and text as meaningless and valueless. The notion that 'Crewel' could take place on post-apocalyptic Earth never crossed my mind and comes to the formerly ignorant heroine as a surprise revelation, too. Overall, I loveloveloved Crewel.