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Contents: Sent by the Dimensional Witch as a favor to care for them, Sorata Arisugawa and Arashi Arisugawa find the group of travelers and take them to the residential apartment building that they own. The god said the first person to reach the top will be granted any wish. Irino, Miyu Japanese. At the end of their excursion, she attempts to confess her love for him, but is interrupted and forced to return to the castle. VK11 All reviews people found this review helpful. Two different fanbooks have been released for the anime of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. Retrieved May 4, Retrieved April 21, They find Shara very different as the two sides are no longer opposing each other, The two statues are together and a wedding is soundtrack tsubasa reservoir chronicle descargar place. Soundtrack tsubasa reservoir chronicle descargar 27, [22]. Retrieved November 8, They search the kingdom for any living things that appear. This occurrence reminds Syaoran of the time when Sakura showed him the white birds from the top of the castle. Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. Syaoran goes to the castle to fight Chaos, but after Syaoran throws Chaos' lightning attack back at him, Chaos freezes Sakura's body and soul. Tsubasa explores the fragility of human relationships through Sakura losing all of her memories involving her love interest, Syaoran. Namikawa, Daisuke Japanese. The girl's troupe, called the Suzuran troupe, asks Syaoran and the others to join them. Views Read Edit View history.

  • When Sakura visits Syaoran in the ruins, her spirit takes on the form of a pair of ghostly feathered wings that disintegrate to other dimensions. When thinking about including character goods with the volume releases, Sugawara came up with the atypical idea of releasing a deluxe and normal edition of the manga after contemplating the inconsistency of novels getting both a soundtrack tsubasa reservoir chronicle descargar and hard-cover release, but manga only received one woundtrack.
  • They noticed King Chaos had a fan made from Sakura's feather. Sakura regains her consciousness and Syaoran takes her to the bottom of the sea to cronicle a spectacular miniature city.
  • The group finds out that the book Syaoran read is a copy of the original Book of Memories. Watanuki is then transported away as the battle between chronicpe two Syaorans begins. Since Syaoran and the gang are too small to make a journey up the mountain, Kero and Mokona must travel up the mountain and retrieve Sakura's feather.
  • After the battle, Sakura kisses Syaoran's painful eye. While they are in town, they are taking refuge in the house of a kind doctor, Kyle.
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  • Sakura and Syaoran are then back in front of the gates of the castle because of a mysterious presence. They battling the guards and uncover the real culprit which is son of the Ryanban which rule Koryo Country before, possessing the power of soundtrack tsubasa reservoir chronicle descargar feather. Kurogane Main. Chu'nyan learns that her mother's spirit temporarily inhabits Sakura's body and Chu'nyan comes to understand the true meaning of hijutsu. Both the manga and anime soundtraack had positive response from critics, who praised its connections to previous works and its artwork.
    • They decided to hide in the library as no one will expect them to be there. May 4,
    • The New York Times. Sakura goes into a trance and the woman starts playing the piano and Sakura starts singing "You are my love" in Japanese "Lost Memories" in English Dub. However, he has decided to get the feather back; so he draws his sword even though he knows he's not quite ready yet.
    • Since Syaoran has no memories from the time before Fujitaka became his father, Sakura made it so that his and her birthdays would be on the same day. They're then told both of the respective groups about the tale of Ashura and Yasha, the gods of their respective realms. In order to clear her name, Chu'nyan joins Syaoran and the others to investigate the culprits behind this incident.
    • Mokona stops him, but he manages to warp to another dimension. January 17, [4].
    • Syaoran has a flashback of his own back to when he attended Sakura's birthday party. Sakura tells Syaoran what memory she got from the last tsubasz, while Kurogane and Fai talk about how brave Syaoran is. They battling the guards and uncover the real culprit which is son of the Ryanban which rule Koryo Country before, possessing the power of the feather.
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  • Tsubasa Chronicle is a role-playing game whose soudtrack requires the player to navigate the world as Sakura and Syaoran in search of Sakura's memory fragments. Soundtrack tsubasa reservoir chronicle descargar 16, [70]. Princess Tomoyo, Koruri, and the other oppressed citizens, having had their birds taken from them, live in hiding within the forest. Due to the weird clothing that Syaoran and company are wearing, Chu'nyan mistakes them for Amen'osa, or secret investigators from the government sent to the many kingdoms to right wrongs, and take them to her house. However, during the ending they would be stated to share the same existence, and had to go on different paths.
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    While they are in town, they are taking refuge in the house of a kind doctor, Kyle. The creature asks questions to her, and as she struggles with this answer, she passes out. They are freed as they see the castle collapse, and the townspeople thank the group for rescuing their children. The group then plans to storm the castle to find out why the queen won't lift the shield.

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    Later, she is saved on her way back by a mysterious girl Sakura Kinomoto and makes it back.

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    That person then becomes ruler of the country, with all their previous memories temporarily erased, for the next year.

    Flourite, Fai D. Preview Manga. February 13, [48]. This person is trying to turn the virtual reality into actual reality.

    Syaoran defeat him and takes the feather from his hand. May 20, [66]. November 28, March 5,