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Contents: I also thought the sex scenes in this were Kinsale's best. Dark Angel, Raven, Il Corvo As for her, the dominatrix, sex maniac persona was barf. And also people shadowheart laura kinsale descargar musica understanding why she had these desires He is strong, mysterious and ruthless. Why is it not believable? Was this relationship problematic? Her transformation from a naïve young woman into a forceful head of state is remarkable, although dealing with the nature of her feelings for Allegretto seems at times to be even more difficult than brokering peace between the warring factions of the Riata and the Navona. The whole bdsm thing was so cringeworthy especially as it felt like he was reliving his childhood abuse at the hands of his monster father. They were romance novels — of course shadowhaert would be a happy ending. Jul 29, Ashley rated it really liked it Shelves: read She was afraid, confused, horrified by the H and yet attracted to him. They want to confess their sins and be redeemed, be 'good' Catholics. I really have no interest in reading books where characters kihsale either gender are shamed for their sexual behavior. The progression of their relationship and the way they complemented one another was amazing to read. We were given no reference point from which to understand the flowering of the relationship between Elena and Allegreto, other than the point at which they came together to draw blood. View all 3 comments.

  • In short, a perfect character for a romance novel and utterly fascinating Unlike the prequel, this one is only sprinkled with Middle English, and much better for the change—we can actually understand what Kinsale is saying.
  • I would read about him and ask that person written on the pages Who are you? This is the second book in a series and I should've descadgar For My Lady's Heart, the preceding book first.
  • Unusual, Fascinating and DisturbingTo say this book was difficult to review is an understatement Let me say at the outset that Kinsale writes brilliantly and has obviously done an amazing job of presenting the historical setting of 14th century Northern Italy The story certainly held my interest however, it is also sometimes disturbing and, in places, had me figuratively tearing out my hair Some historical romance readers will have difficulty with parts of it. Do you ever think how cool it dexcargar be if one day you woke up and Laura Kinsale or Meredith Duran who is also no longer writing, it seems pulled a Beyonce and dropped a shadowheart laura kinsale descargar musica novel? She was a character who kept surprising me in a good way.
  • Other Editions I do not read erotica so the nature of Allegretto and Elena's sexual relationship was different for me, however, I understood it. Shadowheart was not an exception to this, suadowheart I wouldn't recommend it for those who enjoy a fluffier romance.
  • Allegreto is described beautifully, but I never really saw him as dangerous as he was supposed to be since all he did was worship Elena throughout most of the book. One could expect Allegreto to engage in such behavior given his background, but Elena?

  • They were super hot and abundant, and the hero is by far her sexiest. This was not quite as good as the reviews led me to believe. Paperbackpages.
    • There was hardly ever any gentleness between them. He is strong, mysterious and ruthless.
    • There was a scene towards the beginning of Allegretto and Elena's relationship that did make me a little uncomfortable - I'm not sure if it was intended as rape or not. They want to confess their sins and be redeemed, be 'good' Catholics.
    • You get a slight impression now and then that he is allowing it as his penance for all the sins he has committed in his lifetime, but you never get a true insight into his character. I don't think I have ever read a book with sex scenes like these. I just feel like there was a puzzle piece missing kinswle this one.
    • Up until that point he always got his way and his issues and weaknesses didn't negatively impact him in any tangible way except in the bedroom, perhaps. It is actually a lot more like a 'proper' period novel than a romance one.
    • I just did not feel the connection between them. I loved this story Emphasis on story how often can you truly say that when you re reading romance view spoiler Pirate assassin steals princess on her way to an arranged marriage AND then the a game of thrones style take down of shadowheart laura kinsale descargar musica regime and none of it felt stupid or lame lahra spoiler The romance scenes tho not my cup of tea YMMV of course But because I floved the story, I linsale t even mind.

  • All in all, it's still one of the better books I've read this summer, just not one for the favorites shelf. Jan 15, melanie rated it really liked it Shelves: wretched-menfavesromancehistorical. I wanted her to step up to the plate and be more than shadowwheart pawn, as per one of my favorite lines when Melanthe told her, "And that is what I want you to remember—you have value. No sentence serves just one function. Emphasis on story -- how often can you truly say shadowheart laura kinsale descargar musica when you're reading 'romance'?
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    Had Kinsale done this, I think this might rank right up there, but for me as it stands, I will always feel a bit let down and deprived of this unbelievable man's motives, thoughts, and feelings. Her stories are so intense, so well-researched as if she'd lived in the period herselfand just such wonderful storytelling!!! So why shadowheart laura kinsale descargar musica five stars! One of the main themes of the book is sin and sahdowheart.

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    Laura Kinsale is not your ordinary romance novel writer. The unpleasantness of conflict based on unnecessary secrets, misunderstandings, pride, personal demons, villains or self doubt always takes away from my overall experience but when Nicholas Boulton reads to me, all is forgiven. This was not quite as good as the reviews led me to believe Allegreto is described beautifully, but I never really saw him as dangerous as he was supposed to be since all he did was worship Elena throughout most of the book Elena s mild SM obsession seemed musiac of character and out of place The book takes a startling turn towards the end, and I just didn t like how it went on or how it ended This shadowheart laura kinsale descargar musica a FANTASY novel, not a historical Be warned. To secure his claim, he uses treachery to capture the last heir and princess of Monteverde, year-old Elena.

    This book is so much better shadowheart laura kinsale descargar musica the cover and plot summary led me to believe I have been taking an indefinite hiatus from historical novels for the better part of this year because I became very burned out on deescargar, especially Regencies I have a feeling when I read many historical romances that the characters are shadowheeart really in the past they are modern actors wearing old fashioned costumes for a play Shadowhewrt also really, really hate the historical fiction trope of women being ruined after losing their [ I often found myself enjoying the 'plot' of the book where Monteverde is freed from its violent oppression more than the characters and the supposed romance. Elena is not one of my favourite heroines but I did enjoy that she was a strong character.